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South Korea is launching a new type of visa for kpop and kdrama fans.

Good Afternoon. Today is Wednesday, January 10. We cover the Asian news, culture, and entertainment you need to know in under two minutes!

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South Korea Is Creating A Visa For Kpop and Kdrama Fans

Travel: South Korea is launching a new visa, known as the Hallyu visa or "K-culture training visa," specifically for fans of South Korean entertainment.

Trivia Time: Malaysia Edition 🇲🇾

Which two regions is Malaysia divided into?

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Japan’s Elderly Are Seeking Jobs Even Past Retirement

Japan: The number of people 65 and older looking for work in Japan has more than doubled over the past decade, according to government data.

Hey Friend, You’re Invited To The Potluck!!

Introducing the Banana Milk card in Potluck Showdown – banana-flavored creamy goodness in a every sip 🍌

Infused with the essence of ripe bananas, each glass of banana milk is a journey to childhood paradise.

This isn't just a card, it's a celebration of Asian cuisine wrapped in a game night experience.

Just Introvert Things  

White Lotus: Season three of HBO hit TV series “The White Lotus” is coming to Thailand with filming scheduled to begin in February.

Ouch: Taiwan removed more than 300 kidney stones from a woman who hydrated herself only with sweetened drinks

Ghibli x Subaru: Spirited Away’s main characters starred in a Japanese car commercial, with an all-grown Chihiro explaining the car’s “Eyesight” feature.

Dental Health: Brighten your teeth with every rinse using this mouthwash – extra whitening, alcohol-free, for a dazzling smile!

Staying Warm: Say goodbye to cold ears – these soft warm earmuffs are here to bring warmth and style to your winter outings!

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