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Naoya Inoue is the first Japanese boxer to win 'Fighter of the Year' after securing four world championship belts last year.

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Naoya Inoue Is The First Japanese Boxer To Win ‘Fighter Of The Year’

Boxing: Naoya Inoue won the 2024 Sugar Ray Robinson Award, making him the ‘Fighter of the Year’ chosen by the Boxing Writers Association.

  • Inoue, who goes by “Monster,” is the first Japanese boxer to win this prize, impressively securing all four world championship belts as a bantamweight last year.

  • Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines is a three-time winner of the award, as well as Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson.

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Travel Trivia: Taiwan’s Night Market 🇹🇼

What is the name of the famous night market in Taipei known for its street food and vibrant atmosphere?

Pick the answer choice that you think is correct.

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U.S. Postal Service Releases ‘Year of the Dragon’ Stamp To Celebrate Lunar New Year

USPS: The U.S. Postal Service has commemorated the 2024 Lunar New Year by unveiling a new Year of the Dragon stamp in Seattle’s Chinatown District.

  • Artist Camille Chew constructed the gold and red dragon out of hand-printed paper, embellishing the symbol with tassels.

  • The first-day-of-issue event was open to the public with the the Year of the Dragon beginning on 2/10/24 and ending on 1/8/25.

Hold Up, Did Someone Invite You To The Potluck?

Introducing the Banh Mi card in Potluck Showdown – the perfect blend of savory and spicy, wrapped in a crispy baguette.

This isn't just a card, it's a celebration of Asian cuisine wrapped in a game-changing experience.

The Sweetest Toddlers In The World 🥺

Worldwide: IU announced the dates and cities for her upcoming world tour “H.E.R.” that takes spans Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Women’s Soccer: Korean-American soccer teen phenomenon Casey Phair signed a three-year deal with Angel City FC in Los Angeles.

Ramen Pizza: Pizza Hut Japan has created a new viral hybrid “ramen pizza” in collaboration with the ramen chain Tenka Ippin.

Iconic: This aesthetic Asian soap is cruelty-free, vegan, and dispenses the perfect amount of foam in the shape of a beautiful Yuzu flower.

Caffeinated: Ito En's Oi Ocha Green Tea is a refreshing burst of unsweetened, authentic Japanese green tea in a convenient bottle, perfect for on the go.

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